Constructability Analysis

Constructability Analysis is a critical action that ensures a project is feasible and can be built efficiently. Constructability is a concept that denotes ease of construction and is a crucial step in the construction process that will determine the right approach to the project.

Constructability used to ensure that construction knowledge and experience is used as early as possible in the planning and design process to ensure implementation plan is practical and cost effective.

The Builtron Contracting Inc. provides a full range of pre-construction planning and construction management services for the public and private sectors. We offer constructability procedures, to increase efficiency and profitability, as below:

  • Design and implement constructability procedures and programs that enhance the overall project schedule.
  • Review project’s drawings and site plan/hazard analysis for safety concerns and issues that may arise once the project has begun.
  • Work with consultant to determine more efficient methods of construction that may save time and money.
  • Review site layout and utilization plans to optimize construction and operations activities by construction schedule.
  • Identify potential conflicts with existing site conditions and help determine solutions to work together.